Monday, August 22, 2011

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Welfare check, Aug. 17, 0040 hours — Officer found an inebriate passed out in front of the Harbor View bar. Several comrades agreed to ensure that the man returned to his vessel safely.

Liquor law violation, Aug. 17, 0114 hours — Officer observed numerous extremely intoxicated persons inside the Harbor View bar. A responsible party agreed to gather his personnel and take them back to their vessel.

Public safety, Aug. 17 — A half-ton of explosives was left on the tarmac at the Unalaska airport after the company contracted to transport the explosives claimed they had no vehicles or drivers to do so.

Other services, Aug. 18 — Police, fire and EMS personnel provided support services for an U.S. Air Force demolition team on the island to dispose of a WW II hand grenade.

Fire response, Aug. 20, 0007 hours — Fire personnel responded to the North Pacific dock on Captains Bay Road, where a pickup had been found on fire.

Ambulance request, Aug. 20, 0013 hours — EMS personnel responded to a fire scene.

Assistance rendered, Aug. 20, 0014 hours — Officer initiated an investigation into the source of the fire which had ignited a pickup on the North Pacific dock.

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