Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Weapons, Aug. 8 — A possibly unexploded, WW II-era hand grenade was located on a nearby beach. A team marked the area and provided appropriate military authorities with relevant information.

Drunk disturbance, Aug. 8 — One of two drunken men who were causing problems at the Grand Aleutian fell down and cut his head while trying to flee from UniSea security.

Disorderly conduct, Aug. 8 — UniSea security requested assistance with three men who had been engaged in an altercation. Officers learned that one man had screamed at two others while waiting in a cafeteria line, and found no evidence that a crime had occurred.

Drunk disturbance, Aug. 12 — Officers escorted a drunken, chest-thumping man to his bunkhouse room after receiving a report from UniSea security that the man was challenging others to fight.

Alcohol, Aug. 12, 0208 hours — Officers contacted a man who was passed out against a warehouse, and learned he had been drinking at a local bar and was trying to make his way back to his vessel. Officers located a sober third party who agreed to take responsibility for the inebriate.

Drunk disturbance, Aug. 12, 2202 hours — Caller reported an extremely intoxicated man wandering about on Salmon Way. An officer transported the drunk to his vessel, where the captain agreed to take responsibility for him.

Trespass, Aug. 13 — Officers issued trespass advisements, per Westward security, to several men who had been involved in the commission of crimes on Westward Seafoods property.

Fire response, Aug. 13, 1623 hours — EMS and fire volunteers responded to a report that an "old gentleman" had just jumped from the South Channel Bridge into Captains Bay.

Assistance rendered, Aug. 13, 1624 hours — Officers assisting fire and EMS personnel contacted two uninjured men who had elected to take a recreational plunge from the South Channel Bridge, and who were most apologetic for having caused a commotion amongst the emergency response community.

Assistance rendered, Aug. 13 — Caller reported a man had illegally parked in an apartment parking lot, ignored the caller's complaint about same, put a bicycle in his vehicle, and had then driven away. The caller said he would fight the dastardly parker if he returned.

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  1. seems like dutch harbor has a lot of parting on their days off. Lots of spending money. i wonder how they have energy to work so hard after having so much fun?
    Ive wondered what go's on in dutch harbor. I wonder whats to do out there. Is it expensive? lots of parties? fights? girls? drinking? gambling? drugs? can you spend 400.00 easily in one day and what on? just really curious..