Monday, July 18, 2011

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assistance rendered, July 11 — Complainant came to Public Safety with a fellow crew member who was suffering from paranoia.

Ambulance request, July 11 — Caller requested EMS for a crew member who may be experiencing a heart attack aboard a fishing vessel.

Suspicious person, July 12 — Caller reported there was a guy acting crazy in the middle of Ballyhoo Road in front of the old Alaska Ship Supply.

Assault, July 13 — Caller reported he was having a disagreement with three to five men off the F/V Ocean Alaska at the Spit Dock which escalated in one of the men pulling a knife from his belt. Several subjects were contacted by officers, all of whom had varying descriptions of what had occurred. No charges were filed.

Animal, July 13 — Caller reported to Public Safety that several people were feeding the eagles on East Broadway, just across the street from Kelty Field. For that reason, the eagles were not moving out of the way of oncoming vehicles, impeding traffic by staying on the roadway and making it difficult for pedestrians to safely walk their dogs. Officer responded and cleared the area.

Suspicious activity, July 13 — A person who just came from Captains Bay Road reported a suspicious "red skiff" floating in the bay. Officers responded and determined an intoxicated individual had passed out in the skiff and went adrift. A friend responded to assist in another skiff. While crossing over to a second skiff the intoxicated individual fell into the water but was eventually pulled into the skiff by his friend.

Ambulance Request, July 13 — Officer requested EMS for a man who fell into the bay while attempting to get back onto shore.

Suspicious activity, July 13 — Caller reported hearing what seemed like a seal bomb or gunfire coming from the bay area. Officers investigated and were unable to locate persons in the area.

Drunken disturbance, July 16, 0149 hours — Individual called 911 and requested officer assistance at the Harbor View bar. Report that someone had thrown a bottle at the glass window near the dance floor. The window did not break but the bottle shattered upon impact.

Trespass, July 16, 0209 hours — On behalf of UniSea, the drunken individual who tried to play baseball with a bottle and hit the glass window was trespassed from all UniSea hospitality locations for three months.

Assault, July 16, 0254 hours — Caller reported several men fighting behind the UniSea Mall. No charges were filed.

Trespass, July 16, 0343 hours — On behalf of UniSea, individual female was trespassed from all UniSea bunkhouses and UniSea Inn permanently.

Trespass, July 16, 1645 hours — On behalf of UniSea, a male individual was trespassed from both the Cape Cheerful Lounge and the Harbor View bar due to his disruptive and aggressive behavior.

Ambulance request, July 16 — Caller reported a passenger on PenAir flight 7303 partially cut off a portion of his/her finger while possibly maneuvering the arm rest. Patient was safely taken to the clinic for treatment.

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