Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assault, July 6 — Ignacio L. Murillo, 49, of Unalaska, was arrested for assault after he attempted to choke a UniSea coworker who had allegedly teased him.

Disorderly conduct, July 7, 0219 hours — Officers intervened in a scuffle in front of the Harbor View bar, where two men were attempting to calm a very intoxicated and distraught third man. The first two men told the officer they intended to take the third back to his vessel.

Suspicious activity, July 7 — UniSea security reported having received an anonymous letter alleging that an employee had been sexually assaulted by another employee, who was also selling illicit drugs. No information to substantiate these claims was provided.

Ambulance request, July 9 — EMS provided medical care to an individual who had suffered a seizure while out at sea.

Assistance rendered, July 10, 0239 hours — Taxi driver reported an intoxicated male who would not get out of her cab once the destination was reached. Officers discovered the man had soiled himself and was not actually at the dock where his vessel was located. Officers assisted him to the appropriate location and found a sober third party to care for him the remainder of the night.

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