Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Welfare check, June 27, 1750 hours — A 911 hang-up call was received from a phone somewhere in the UniSea complex. The origin of the call could not be determined.

Assistance rendered, June 27 — Caller, frustrated with his inability to get a flight out of town, phoned 911 and requested police assistance getting a seat on a departing flight. Police were able to determine the caller in fact already had a confirmed seat, on a later flight.

Environmental, June 28 — A fuel spill was observed near the Spit Dock. Information passed on to the Ports Department.

Disorderly conduct, June 28, 2147 hours — An argument about the use of phone card minutes escalated into a shoving match onboard a fishing vessel. An officer advised the aggressor, per the ship's captain, to leave the vessel.

Trespass, June 28, 2324 hours — A permanent trespass advisement was issued to a crewman who was no longer welcome onboard a fishing vessel.

Animal, June 29 — Caller reported two men throwing rocks at the eagle's nest in the Dutch Harbor post office parking lot. The men denied doing so, and said they had simply been flapping their hands at the eagles in an attempt to make them fly.

Animal, June 30 — Dead eagle.

Burglary, July 1 — Dispatcher received a call from a man in Jamaica reporting that drunken people in Unalaska were attempting to burglarize the bunkhouse in which a friend was living. After determining which bunkhouse was the target, officers responded and indeed found two drunken men who admitted they had tried to gain entry to the locked bunkhouse. The men had recently been fired by their employer and owner of said bunkhouse. Both men were subsequently advised to leave the area. No charges were filed.

Assault, July 1, 1253 hours — One inebriate pummeled another in a corridor at the Harbor View Inn before the brawl spilt out the door and into the roadway. Wainy Ruben, 29, of Micronesia, was arrested for assault after both he and his victim had been treated for their injuries.

Ambulance request, July 1, 1254 hours — EMS personnel provided care and transport to two drunks with injuries sustained in a brawl.

Assault, July 1 — Bunkhouse resident #1 reported being threatened by bunkhouse resident #2, who was annoyed about #1 having exposed #2's keeping of a puppy, a clear violation of bunkhouse rules. Officers told both men to cease contact with one another.

Trespass, July 2 — Officer issued a trespass advisement, per Trident management, to a drunken former employee who was no longer welcome anywhere near Trident's business property.

Welfare check, July 2, 0224 hours — Caller reported an intoxicated fisherman was having difficulty boarding his vessel, and was concerned that he might fall into the water. Officers responded and found that the man had successfully gained access to his boat.

Animal, July 2 — Caller reported several bald eagles circling over the carcass of another bald eagle. An officer collected the eagle for shipment to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Suspicious activity, July 3, 0401 hours — Noise complaint at the UniSea Inn. Officers located 14 men partying inside the room and assisted UniSea security in removing the many loud and unwanted guests.

Welfare check, July 3, 0431 hours — Officer contacted an inebriated bicycle rider, who insisted on cycling on in spite of his intoxication because the exercise was good for a strong and healthy body.

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