Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter, as reported by the Unalaska Advertiser:

Animal, Feb. 1 — A man who was trying to photograph a fox with his cell phone had one of his fingers nipped by the canid. The man described the fox to the investigating officer as being small and brown.

Animal, Feb. 2 — Caller reported wild animals running around the library parking lot. An officer responded and contacted several processors who were feeding a collection of eagles and foxes. The humans professed ignorance about the laws against and the wisdom of feeding wild animals.

Drunk disturbance, Feb. 2 — Westward security reported an intoxicated woman was "crazy," banging on phones and computers in their office and generally creating a disturbance. The investigating officer talked to the woman and learned she had slammed a phone down and begun crying after receiving news about a seriously ill family member. Additional police intervention was unnecessary.

Noise disturbance, Feb. 4 — Officer heard what sounded like yelling from a room at the Harbor View Inn. The occupant of the room explained to the officer that the noises he had heard were in fact a form of singing, not yelling. He agreed to sing in quieter fashion.

Assault, Feb. 4 — UniSea security provided security camera footage that showed a man laying in wait for another, then pouncing upon and attacking the second man. Officers contacted the persons involved and arrested Juan Molina, 29, of Washington, for assault.

Assault, Feb. 4 — Officers investigated a report of domestic violence at Westward Seafoods and determined that Raymundo H. Soriano had attacked his girlfriend several days earlier and only hours earlier had threatened her. Soriano, 47, of Anchorage, was arrested on assault charges.

Theft, Feb. 4 — Fishing vessel captain reported some controlled drugs had been stolen from his boat's medical kit sometime during the previous week. The captain had strong suspicions about one person in particular, and provided information to help substantiate his allegation. Under investigation.

Drunk disturbance, Feb. 6 — A drunk smashed a window on the ground floor of the Harbor View Inn while being escorted to his vessel by friends. Officers followed a blood trail to the drunk, who was found bloody and passed out inside his vessel. The drunk, once he was semiconscious, agreed to reimburse UniSea for the cost of replacing the window.

Ambulance request, Feb. 6 — EMS personnel provided medical care to a common drunk with a bleeding hand injury.

Roads, Feb. 6 — Multiple manhole covers began lifting themselves off their holes due to an accumulation of ice around the holes' rims. The wastewater department was notified about the errant metal discs.

Theft, Feb. 6 — Several "Emergency Exit" signs were stolen from a building at UniSea. Security cameras captured images of those involved, one of whom was recognized by police. Under investigation.

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