Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter, as reported by the Unalaska Advertiser:

Trespass, Jan. 24 — UniSea security asked officers to issue a trespass advisement to a man who had just punched a woman in the face outside the Harbor View bar.

Burglary, Jan. 26 — Alyeska Seafoods reported one of their buildings had been burglarized and entered repeatedly. Under investigation.

Trespass, Jan. 27 — Two juveniles were found inside an abandoned building owned by Alyeska Seafoods, after an eagle-eyed grocery store employee noticed the juveniles lurking about in the area. Both juveniles were taken into custody and later released to their parents.

Domestic disturbance, Jan. 27 — Officers contacted a couple after the husband phoned police and reported that the two were arguing. Officers found the couple in disagreement over whether to adopt a kitten or an adult cat, and what sex and color the prospective family member should be. The couple was encouraged to visit the cats currently being held for adoption at the Unalaska Department of Public Safety.

Ambulance request, Jan. 28, 0114 hours — EMS personnel responded to Westward Seafoods for a patient experiencing difficulty breathing.

Liquor law violation, Jan. 28, 0122 hours — Officers assisting EMS personnel found an underage man was experiencing some abdominal distress after consuming a 40-ounce beer bought for him by an older friend. John Vini, 19, was cited for minor consuming. Wendy L. Leatua, 24, was cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Disorderly conduct, Jan. 28 — Caller reported a hitchhiker whose requests for a ride were not granted had taken to making lewd gestures at those who left him on the side of the road.

Disorderly conduct, Jan. 28 — Felix M. Mendoza, 47, of California, was arrested on two counts of disorderly conduct after he attempted to brawl with UniSea security personnel. Mendoza, who was extremely intoxicated, was being escorted to his room when he began punching at the security officers.

Harassment, Jan. 30 — A rather intoxicated man reported that an unidentified person known only as Godzilla had claimed to be a member of Al Qaeda and had expressed dislike for the man. The man was unable to provide any additional information.

Theft, Jan. 30 — An irate caller reported a toy machine at Safeway had stolen one dollar from him, and that Safeway personnel had laughed at him when he demanded a refund. An officer explained to the man that he needed to contact the number listed on the toy machine regarding the loss. The caller was dissatisfied with this response and demanded the opportunity to pursue theft charges against the Safeway employee, and further stated his intention to build a machine that would eat everyone else's money so that he could keep it all for himself. The officer advised against this course of action.

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