Friday, January 22, 2010

Fisherman charged with keeping small Kodiak crab

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Kodiak
Type: Undersized Tanner crab
On 1/19/10 Andrey Polushkin, 38, of Homer, was cited by Wildlife Troopers for retaining undersized Tanner crab taken during the Kodiak area commercial Tanner crab season.


  1. Not surprising at all, this vessel/operator finally got nabbed and will pay for his misdeeds. Polushkin and his relatives come to Kodiak and have total disregard for the rules and inflict damage to other fishers by stealing longline gear and obviously attempt to sale illegal crab. GOOD JOB TROOPERS!!!!!!!

  2. where da F@%$K did you come up with stealing longline gear u jerkoff. UR just making up sh#t cause ur a racist prick.