Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter, as reported by the Unalaska Advertiser:

Theft, Jan. 18 — UniSea employee reported his jacket, containing an iPod and a camera, had been stolen the previous night. Under investigation.

Burglary, Jan. 22 — A burglar broke a window and entered a boat at the Spit Dock during the night. No items were reported missing.

Trespass, Jan. 22 — Officer issued a trespass advisement for all UniSea property, per UniSea management, to a man who had allegedly been seeking illicit drugs the previous day.

Theft, Jan. 23 — Stevedoring company reported one of their forklifts had been taken for a joyride and left about a half-mile away at another dock.

Liquor law violation, Jan. 24, 0220 hours — Officer observed Harbor View bar staff escorting a tipsy, churlish patron from the bar. The boor maintained a drunken diatribe against people of all races other than his own and was advised by an officer that he could be arrested if he continued with the behavior.

Ambulance request, Jan. 24, 0237 hours — UniSea security requested an ambulance for a drunken, boorish man whose head had somehow been injured by a 10-pound weight. An officer assisted EMS personnel with the rather uncooperative patient.

Assault, Jan. 24, 0243 hours — Officers learned that a drunken boor, while stumbling home from the Harbor View bar, had threatened one man with a broken beer bottle and had then gone to the UniSea weight room to pick a fight with another man. The second man, fearing injury after his glasses were knocked off his face, grabbed a nearby weight and whacked his assailant with it before fleeing from the room. Abdirahman Mohamud Ali, 26, of Washington, was arrested on assault charges.

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