Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter, as reported by the Unalaska Advertiser:

Welfare check, Dec. 14 — A 911 hang-up call was received from a number associated with a local processing facility. Plant security was called and after checking the area, reported no signs of emergency.

Suspicious activity, Dec. 16 — Caller reported she didn't feel comfortable living in her new abode and reported people walking around and making strange noises in the alley near her home. An officer responded and found several male cats courting a female in heat.

Suspicious activity, Dec. 16 — Caller reported a woman being sexually assaulted in a local bunkhouse. Officers responded and caught two consenting adults in flagrante delicto.

Disorderly conduct, Dec. 17 — Officers responded to the PCR after receiving a report that two patrons were arguing in such a way that an escalation seemed likely. Investigation revealed that one party was attempting to "scare straight" the other, who allegedly allows his vehicle to idle an inordinate amount of time outside a house of ill repute.

Theft, Dec. 18 — An employee at the Harbor View Grill accused another employee of taking approximately $20 from a cash box. Shortly after the accusation was made the money miraculously reappeared. The suspect denied taking any money but did admit that perhaps his hand had accidentally fallen into the cash box. The victim did not wish to pursue charges.

Animal, Dec. 18 — A yellow Labrador retriever walked into the Public Safety building and turned himself in as lost. A short while later the dog's owner also walked into the Public Safety building. Both dog and owner left together.

Disturbance, Dec. 20 — Caller reported having heard a woman yelling on top of Strawberry Hill. Officers responded and found a stoned, drunken woman engaged in a singalong with her companion. The woman turned over a small amount of marijuana and some paraphernalia. She was advised she would be arrested if she drove.

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