Friday, July 31, 2009

A sharp reporter and a flying peach hit Dutch

From the Unalaska police blotter, as reported by the Unalaska Advertiser:

Assistance rendered, July 23 — A female reporter writing about life in Dutch Harbor arrived in town several days ago after a “friend” told her he had made arrangements for her to stay in a hotel while she completed her article. Upon arrival she found that her “friend” hadn’t quite told her the truth and expected her to stay with him in his employer-provided room. The reporter quickly learned this was a less than ideal situation but was unsure what options were available to her. An officer helped her find alternative lodging with a local shelter.

Trespass, July 23 — UniSea security reported having difficulty with an intoxicated man at the Grand Aleutian. Upon arrival, inebriate Warren Elachik, 29 yoa, of St. Michael, began running about threatening and spitting at both security and police officers. Elachik was eventually captured and subdued, and arrested on three counts of Harassment I and one count Assault IV.

Criminal mischief, July 23 — Officers responded to UniSea after receiving a report that a fire extinguisher had been activated in and then stolen from one of the bunkhouses; the extinguisher fumes had subsequently activated the fire alarm, prompting an evacuation of the building. Interviews with a variety of possible witnesses turned up one woman with a warrant for counterfeiting as well as suspect Clifton Lewis, 28 yoa, of California. Lewis told officers that he had activated the extinguisher because alcohol affected his judgment. Lewis was arrested for Terroristic Threatening II and Criminal Mischief IV.

Criminal mischief, July 23 — Harbor officer reported a window on a building at the U.S. Coast Guard dock had been damaged; it was unclear if the damage was intentional or due to recent high winds, but there did not appear to be anything missing from within.

Animal, July 20 — Deceased cat removed from the roadway.

Assault, July 20 — Caller reported he had been assaulted with a peach. Responding officers found the victim with the syrupy remnants spattered on his back. The victim did not wish to pursue charges but asked that officers speak to the suspect.

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