Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Copper River gillnetter pays dearly for violation

Here's a follow-up from the Alaska State Troopers on a poaching case we first reported back on July 1:

Location: Cordova
Type: Commercial fish closed period, waste of salmon
On 7/02/09 Nikolai P. Reutov, 39 yoa, of Homer, pled guilty in Anchorage District Court to the charges of commercial fishing closed period and waste of salmon. Information from a commercial fisherman was instrumental in this investigation. Investigation revealed that Reutov was the skipper of the F/V Sushi, a 33-foot bowpicker. Reutov admitted to commercial fishing during a closed period and waste of salmon on the Copper River flats. For commercial fishing closed period Reutov received a $15,000 fine with $5,000 suspended and 90 days in jail with 90 suspended. On the waste of salmon he received a $500 fine. Reutov further forfeited his catch of the day on 6/21/09 of approximately $900 and his vessel the F/V Sushi along with fishing nets involved. Reutov was given the ability to purchase his vessel back at a price of $20,000. Reutov was to pay $100 in court fees and was placed on probation for 6 years. The Alaska Wildlife Troopers again would like to thank the concerned commercial fisherman involved.

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