Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bristol Bay fisherman nets $7,000 fine, loses boat

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Togiak
Type: Commercial fish closed waters
On 7/12/13 an Alaska wildlife trooper in a patrol aircraft observed the F/V Sea Urchin commercial fishing with a 150-fathom drift gillnet 2.3 miles from the closest legal waters. The trooper landed the aircraft in the ocean near the vessel and identified the permit holder and skipper as Michael A. Poulsen, 20, of Togiak. On 7/15/13 Poulsen was cited for commercial fishing in closed waters and the F/V Sea Urchin was seized. He was arraigned on 7/16/13 in Dillingham District Court. After pleading guilty to the misdemeanor charge, Poulsen was sentenced as follows: $15,000 fine with $8,000 suspended; 30 days in jail with 30 days suspended; three years on probation; and forfeiture of the F/V Sea Urchin, a 26-foot fiberglass Modutech.

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