Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assault, Sept. 25 — Caller reported an assault that occurred aboard a vessel at sea. The Alaska State Troopers were advised.

Welfare check, Oct. 4 — A concerned mother called because she had not heard from her son who came to work at a processing plant in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. She was able to provide enough information so that a local contact number could be provided.

Assist other agency, Oct. 6 — Officer assisted a National Marine Fisheries Service investigator in conducting interviews and imaging a cell phone.

Criminal mischief, Oct. 8, 1407 hours — Caller reported damage to a vessel. The caller suspected a disgruntled former employee. The former employee denied the allegations. The responsible person for the vessel did not wish to pursue charges.

Trespass, Oct. 8, 1428 hours — Officers assisted in issuing a trespass order to a disgruntled former employee who was suspected of vandalizing a vessel.

Environmental, Oct. 10 — Caller reported that several eagles were rifling through trash bags in the back of a pickup truck, making quite the mess. The truck's owner was contacted and advised.

Assist other agency, Oct. 18 — Officers assisted several IRS agents in serving a search warrant after receiving a call from the suspect the warrant was being served upon. The suspect did not believe the IRS agents were actually federal agents and wanted the police to make them go away. It was explained to the suspect that the agents were actual agents and that the warrant was valid.

Animal, Oct. 19, 1051 hours — Caller reported two eagles arguing over a seagull carcass. The caller stated the stench from the carrion was wafting through the open bay doors. The eagles were persuaded to move their brunch to a location farther from the building.

Suspicious activity, Oct. 22 — Caller reported a possible mutiny aboard a fishing vessel as the crew was not listening to the captain and refused to get out of bed. The caller called back and reported that everything was fine now and the crew was working. An officer responded and confirmed that there were no mutinous scurvy dogs upon the vessel.