Friday, March 28, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Death investigation, March 12 — Officers responded to investigate a death that appears to be from an industrial accident.

Assault, March 13 — Officers responded to a report of an assault. Investigation revealed that several individuals off a fishing vessel were participating at an afterparty. A brief fight ensued. None involved wished to pursue charges.

Assault, March 15 — Officers responded to a processing plant at which an altercation had ensued between members of management and some of the processing staff. One man, who had been identified by management as being of particular concern, was fired as a result of the incident.

Assault, March 16, 2004 hours — Caller requested immediate officer assistance for a rumpus at a local bar. Several fishermen claimed that one of their own had been assaulted by an unknown assailant, but refused to provide any additional information. Officers determined after reviewing video footage that one of the fishermen had shoved another, unidentified man with no apparent provocation, and had subsequently been punched by the unidentified man.

Trespass, March 16, 2042 hours — Four fishermen were issued trespass advisements for a period of six months.

Welfare check, March 16, 2322 hours — A drunken fisherman, known to officers from an earlier interaction, was found passed out by the payphones in the airport terminal. The fisherman, who eventually agreed to leave the terminal building, salvaged a sleeping bag from a Dumpster and elected to find some other public place to sleep.

Assault, March 18, 0211 hours — Jose B. Sedano, 20, who had what he described to officers as a bad day, took it upon himself to punch the next person with whom he came in contact. Sedano was arrested on one count of assault.

Suspicious person, March 18, 1441 hours — Officers investigated a report of a drunken man sleeping outside. The man, who was indeed intoxicated, did not pose a danger to himself and was advised not to enter any licensed establishments for the remainder of the day.

Welfare check, March 18, 1644 hours — The same drunken man was reported stumbling along the roadway. An officer contacted the drunk, determined he was still capable of caring for himself, and told him to stay outside the white line. The drunk said he intended to get cash at the bank, in order to pay for a taxi ride.

Welfare check, March 18, 1743 hours — The drunk made it only a short distance before generating another complaint, but had by this time lost both his ID and ATM card and thus his ability to pay for a taxi. The responding officer determined that providing the drunk with courtesy transport to his vessel was the most expedient means to resolve this problem.

Assault, March 18, 2142 hours — Jose B. Sedano, who had been arrested on an assault charge 20 hours earlier and subsequently released from jail, was arrested again after he returned to the scene of his original crime, burglarized a room, attempted to both rape a young woman and stab a family member, and assaulted a third person. Sedano was this time charged with attempted sexual assault, burglary, assault and violating conditions of release.

Assault, March 19, 0059 hours — Officer investigated a report that a group had attempted to apply rural justice to a man who had allegedly attempted to rape a woman. Interviews and video footage showed that a group of people had indeed gathered around the suspect with that intent, but had stopped when it became apparent that the suspect's family was attempting to control him.

Suspicious activity, March 22 — Caller reported an unattended vehicle, with keys in the ignition, had been left in front of the bar. The caller was concerned because the known driver of said vehicle doesn't frequent bars. Subsequent investigation revealed that the vehicle had actually been left in front of the Elbow Room, a former bar now being converted to other use.

Troopers cite Prince of Wales geoduck diver

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Prince of Wales Island
Type: Unlawful use of dive gear
Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Klawock Post, cited James Alexander, 54, of Craig, for unlawful use of dive fishing gear after he remained in the water following closure of the 3/27/14 geoduck fishing period in Portillo Channel. A mandatory court appearance is set for 4/4/14 in Craig.

Kodiak man cited over post-season gear storage

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Kodiak
Type: Illegal pot storage
On 3/28/14 Robert D. Nelson Sr., 39, of Kodiak, was cited by Alaska Wildlife Troopers for illegal storage of pot gear after the close of the state waters Pacific cod season.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two charged with fishing out of bounds at Sitka

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Sitka
Type: Commercial fish closed period
On 3/23/14 Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Ketchikan Post, summonsed Ronald Porter, 61, of Ketchikan, and Justin Peeler, 33, of Sitka, for operating commercial seine gear outside the set boundaries established by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for the Sitka sac roe fishery. These charges carry a mandatory appearance in Sitka District Court.

Man cited, marijuana seized after Sitka boarding

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Sitka
Type: Marijuana possession
On 3/22/14 Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Sitka Post, contacted Gordon M. Jensen, 54, of Everett, Wash., during a routine boarding of the F/V Maverick. Investigation revealed Jensen was in possession of marijuana. He was issued a summons to appear in Sitka District Court and the marijuana was seized as evidence.

Kodiak cod fisherman charged with gear violation

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Kodiak
Type: Illegal groundfish gear
On 3/21/14 Alaska Wildlife Troopers cited Jason R. Blondin, 29, of Kodiak, for using illegal groundfish gear during the state Pacific cod season. Blondin was the permit holder onboard the F/V My Beauty. Arraignment set for 4/7/14 in Kodiak District Court.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Trespass, Feb. 16 — Facility manager asked that strikers be told to move off the dock as their actions were disrupting the handling of hazardous materials. The picketers moved to a different area without incident.

Environmental, March 2 — A crane tipped over and struck a waste oil tank, dumping approximately 20 gallons of petroleum product into the bay. Personnel at the scene had already placed absorbent boom and pads by the time an officer arrived. The U.S. Coast Guard and other agencies were notified.

Assistance rendered, March 2 — A vessel crewman reported that another crewman, who had quit just a few hours after their 10-day trip started, had stolen money from several people on the vessel and had been seen stuffing cash into a vent. Because the crimes occurred outside city limits, the information was passed on to the Alaska State Troopers for further investigation.

Traffic crime, March 3 — Complaint about an erratic driver who nearly drove into a ditch and crossed into the opposing lane several times. The responding officer found the driver, who said he had just returned after a 20-year absence and was distracted by the changes to the town during the intervening years.

Assault, March 4 — Caller told police he had locked himself in the wheelhouse of his vessel because another man had threatened to knife the people onboard. Officers responded and found an extremely intoxicated and distraught man who claimed to have been thrashed by other members of the boat's crew when he returned to the boat in a disreputable state. The crew admitted to forcing the drunk off the boat after he became unmanageable. The captain of the vessel elected not to pursue charges.

Assistance rendered, March 4 — Officer contacted picketers near the Delta Western fuel dock and made sure they knew what areas they were allowed to occupy and what areas they were not.

Welfare check, March 5 — An anonymous caller reported concern about a man who had previously been victimized by freeloaders and thieves, and had been seen earlier this day in the company of yet another person of questionable repute. Officers eventually found both people, neither of whom appeared in need of assistance.

Trespass, March 6 — An inebriated James T. Massey, 31, who had earlier been carried from the bar and deposited outside the doors, was arrested for criminal trespass after he lay down in front of the doors and refused to leave.

Suspicious activity, March 7 — Officer contacted two individuals in regard to a large amount of smoke coming from their yard. The individuals were working on a sweat house and shortly after were able to get the kinks out of their design.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Petersburg man cited over small king crab

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Petersburg
Type: Undersized king crab
On 3/13/14 Alaska Wildlife Troopers charged Jared Bright, 39, of Petersburg, the permit holder on the F/V Obsession, with retaining undersized commercial golden king crab. He was issued a summons to appear on 4/1/14 in Petersburg District Court.