Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Assault, July 16 — Martin Nunez Chavez, 44, of Unalaska, was arrested on one count of assault after he approached a coworker in the UniSea galley, accused him of being homosexual and then pushed and punched him.

Trespass, July 17 — Officer issued permanent trespass advisements, per the Ports Department, to some men who had been involved in an altercation on one of the public docks.

Environmental, July 17 — Caller reported that U.S. Coast Guard personnel were attacked by a protective eagle at the Dutch Harbor post office, and mentioned that no signs warned of impending danger from the native wildlife. An officer responded to the area and picked up the blown-over signs that warned of said danger.

Suspicious person, July 17, 1949 hours — Officers were called to the Harbor View bar, where a man who claimed to be a federal fugitive recovery operative had been involved in either, depending on which version one listened to, starting or breaking up an altercation. The operative's actions did not rise to the level of impersonation and he was given a trespass advisement, per UniSea security, for all UniSea hospitality venues.

Trespass, July 17, 2232 hours — Officer issued another much more specific trespass advisement to the federal fugitive recovery operative, per UniSea security, after the 14-year Dutch Harbor veteran claimed not to know that the Grand Aleutian hotel was a UniSea facility.

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