Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Skipper jailed in Kodiak, accused of crew assault

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Kodiak
Type: Assault, DWI
On 7/30/13 at approximately 0900 hours, Alaska State Troopers were notified of an assault aboard a commercial fishing vessel. An investigation revealed that on the evening of 7/29/13 the skipper of the F/V Oceana Kaylani, 56-year-old Michael A. Clemens of Nevada, assaulted two deckhands, both 22-year-old male residents of Pennsylvania. At the time of the assault, the vessel was commercial fishing in the waters off Cape Chiniak. Clemens reportedly was highly intoxicated. The two victims and a third crewmember escaped by taking the seine skiff to Kodiak. At approximately 1055 hours, troopers contacted Clemens at the St. Paul harbor in Kodiak where he was arrested for two counts of domestic violence assault in the fourth degree and boating under the influence. Clemens was remanded to the Kodiak city jail and held without bail pending an arraignment.


  1. Two 22 year olds couldn't take down a drunk 56 year old? What's this world coming to?

  2. That's what I was thinking..LOL

  3. Is that the Clemens who used to fish out of Larsen Bay on the Dakota?