Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Drunk disturbance, June 6 — Officers contacted two individuals who appeared to be involved in a heated debate about who was manlier. The two were separated and it was found that no crime had been committed.

Theft, June 20 — Fishing vessel captain reported that a commercial crab pot, inside of which was stored some other equipment, had been stolen from the pot yard on East Point Road. No suspect was identified.

Assault, June 21 — Officers responded to Harbor View bar regarding a fight between two patrons, one of whom had attacked the other with a glass of beer after they disagreed over the relative merits of their favorite football teams.

Ambulance request, June 22 — EMS personnel provided care and transport for a man who had injured his back while throwing boxes of frozen fish.

Animal, June 22 — Officers rescued a still-downy, injured bald eaglet after it was found on the side of Captains Bay Road. The eaglet was shipped to Bird TLC in Anchorage, where it was reported to be in good condition upon arrival.

Fire safety, June 23 — Fire officer noticed smoke from Little South America but discovered it was simply exhaust from a vessel's smokestack.

Public safety, June 23 — Tsunami advisory issued for Unalaska following an 8.0 earthquake near Amchitka. No evacuation was ordered.

Welfare check, June 25 — Mother asked for help contacting her son, who she believed worked on a fishing vessel and who had not answered his phone for several days. Officers contacted the son via his cell phone and asked him to call his mother.

Welfare check, June 26 — Caller from the Harbor View bar reported having made a big mistake, and asked for help. Officers responded and found a man who was afraid for his safety because he had "disrespected" some people. He later admitted to some paranoia as a result of having been using both alcohol and drugs earlier in the evening. UniSea security arranged for a safe room for the man for the evening.

DUI, June 26 — Nathan T. Imes, 37, was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and misconduct involving weapons after an officer observed him stumbling from his vehicle to the Cape Cheerful Lounge, and then learned that Imes was carrying a weapon on his person.

Suicide, June 27 — Officers responded to a UniSea bunkhouse regarding a report of a possibly suicidal man at that location, and found the man intoxicated, holding a knife to his stomach and making repeated statements about wishing to die. Officers were able to persuade the man to seek assistance from a mental health specialist.

Roads, June 28 — Driver stated that the deck lights of a docked vessel made driving on East Point Road difficult. An officer contacted those onboard the vessel and asked that they turn off the offending light fixture. They did.

Assistance rendered, June 28 — A man attempting to transport a coffin from the airport to the ferry terminal asked for assistance making the move. An officer provided the man with information regarding the options available to him in Unalaska.

Suspicious activity, June 28 — Caller reported hearing what sounded like blasting. An officer reminded the caller that there are two active quarries within the city limits.

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