Monday, July 1, 2013

Dutch Harbor report

From the local police blotter:

Animal, June 24 — Caller reported that someone was feeding the eagles causing a hazard as one of the eagles had flown into her truck. Officers investigated and discovered that the eagles were not being fed but were congregating, as eagles are known to do.

Noise disturbance, June 25 — Complainant reported a loud toy car was keeping her from sleeping. Officers contacted the owner of the offending plaything and advised him to keep the noise down after 10 p.m.

Civil, June 26 — Caller reported his sister was fired for no reason from a local seafood company. The individual was advised that the issue was not something the police could help him with.

Public safety, June 26 — Officer contacted two individuals who appeared to be preparing to jump off the South Channel Bridge into Captains Bay. The two were advised of the inherent dangers of this activity and decided against tempting fate.

Assistance rendered, June 28 — Officers assisted an overly drunken individual in returning to his vessel. The person was turned over to his captain.

Assistance rendered, June 29 — Officers discovered an individual sleeping on the sidewalk. The individual had become tired after a long night of imbibing and decided to take a nap. The inebriate was assisted to his abode.

Animal, June 29 — Caller reported a baby eagle that appeared to be in distress. Due to several adult eagles soaring, hovering and diving, officers were unable to get close enough to the eaglet to determine its condition.

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