Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sen. Kookesh to fight subsistence fishing citation

On Aug. 6 the Alaska State Troopers issued the following press release about subsistence salmon fishing citations issued to state Sen. Albert Kookesh and others.

Here's an Associated Press story about how Kookesh plans to fight the charge.

Location: Angoon
Type: Take overlimit of subsistence salmon
On 7/12/09 Alaska Wildlife Troopers from Hoonah contacted Albert Kookesh Sr., Scott Hunter, Stanley Johnson and Rocky Estrada Sr. while they were in possession of 148 sockeye salmon they took subsistence fishing with a beach seine in Kanalku Bay near Angoon. These individuals and one other person on scene each had a valid subsistence permit allowing them to take and possess a total of 75 sockeye salmon collectively. The additional 73 sockeye salmon in their possession were provided to the senior center in Angoon. At the conclusion of the Troopers investigation, Albert Kookesh Sr., Scott Hunter, Stanley Johnson and Rocky Estrada Sr. were each cited for one count of taking an overlimit of subsistence salmon which is a mandatory court appearance. Court appearance date is 8/12/09 in Angoon District Court.

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  1. We stand with Alaska State Senator Albert Kookesh and all our Native fishermen on this. Times are hard in our Southeast Tlingit and Northern Yukon River Villages now and they are going after all our families on subsistence. That salmon was intended for families to help them this winter. With oil prices always raising this is going to be anther long winter. We are covering the Alaska Native subsistence issue on our website on the front page - Tlingit National Anthem, Alaska Native and Native Americans online. http://cooday8.tripod.com/alaska.htm