Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Dutch Harbor report

From the Unalaska police blotter, as reported by the Unalaska Advertiser:

Suicide, July 27 — Officer responded to a processing plant where an employee was allegedly threatening to commit suicide. Subsequent investigation determined an employee was disgruntled over the amount of hours he was allowed to work after accidentally chopping off the tip of his finger, but had no intention of harming himself.

Drunk disturbance, July 28 — A drunken hotel patron whose service dog was roaming the hallway and howling complained about having to pay cash for drinks at the Harbor View bar and demanded that UniSea, a company for which he does not work, fly him to another community in the Aleutians. The patron had a litany of other complaints.

Trespass, July 28 — UniSea security reported two possible trespassers on the cliffs above their bunkhouses. Officers contacted two young men who were cycling there and advised them that the area was both dangerous and private property.

Trespass, July 29 — Officers issued a trespass advisement, per company management, to two women who were visiting men in a company bunkhouse. The women, both underage, were also warned against consuming alcohol prior to coming of age.

Ambulance request, July 31 — EMS volunteers and UniSea safety officers provided medical care to a man with severe diabetic complications.

Disorderly conduct, Aug. 1 — Two men began arguing about tattoos in a company bunkhouse, resulting in one of them placing a call to police alleging that the other was smoking marijuana. The investigating officer found nothing to substantiate this assertion, and encouraged the two to separate for the night.

Welfare check, Aug. 1 — Caller requested assistance with a man who would not stop talking. Officers encouraged the loquacious individual to go elsewhere so the complainant could sleep.

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